Cybersecurity Solutions for Today's Global Threats

About Us

Founded in 2013 by the wife and husband team of Brenda and Matt Cloutier, Beyond Mission Capable Solutions (BMCS) is a woman-owned small business leader in the fields of information security, security assessment, risk management, and the incorporation of security throughout the system and software development engineering lifecycle. Our steadfast commitment to the security of our customers’ national and commercial information technology systems has earned BMCS a sterling reputation as “the guys you go to when you want things done right.” Strong work ethic, affordable SME-level support, and technologically sound and secure solutions have led to repeat business, strong word-of-mouth reference, and purposeful growth for the BMCS team.


  • Brenda Cloutier

    Brenda brings over 15 years of leadership, management, and research experience in the complex Health Care industry to bear as founder, owner, and CEO of Beyond Mission Capable Systems. Brenda is accountable for fiscal and contract management, marketing, and human resource matters.
  • Matt Cloutier

    Matt possesses over 15 years of leadership, engineering, and cyber security operational and policy experience. As minority owner and President of Beyond Mission Capable Solutions, Matt is accountable for developing and providing applied science and technical solutions, and leads the company’s exploration of complex defense command and control system technology.